Gravity Force 20

Gravity Force 20 Level Construction Guide

Quick guide

  1. Download and install the map editor Tiled
  2. Download the Gravity Force 20 Tilesets
  3. Open one of the included sample tmx files to get started — all levels exist in tmx format here
  4. Use the objects ply1 and ply2 to specify the starting positions — the players will start in the middle of the box and on top of the landing pad if its there.
  5. Use Map properties to specify author, name and description for the level
  6. Email your new tmx file to and we will make it available!

You can also create your own graphics and tilesets but it is a little trickier.


  • Maximum level size is 64x64 tiles
  • You can only use targeting cannons from a single tileset (i.e. you cannot mix cannon types)
  • Only a single tile layer is currently supported
  • Levels cannot be tested locally yet — you need to send them to us


Water is created using the object layer. If you want, water can raise or sink. The top of the box waterstart and waterend will be used as the starting and ending position of the water. Set the map property waterspeed for how fast the water level should change in pixels per second.

Player starting position

Use objects named ply1 and ply2 to specify the starting positions. Simply draw a box on top of the landing pad. The players will start in the middle of the box. If there is a landing pad at this position, then the ship will automatically start on top of it!

Targeting cannon

Unfortunately, you can only use targeting cannons from a single tileset. The targeting works like this:

  • Left targets player 1 (white)
  • Up targets player 2 (blue)
  • Right targets both players

Level design tips & tricks

Here's a few suggestions on what to think about when making a level:

  • Make a border along the edge to make sure the players can see where the level ends
  • For Race levels, use pairs of race gates using the numbers 1 to 8 (the tileset racegates contains gates over 4!)
  • For regular levels meant for dogfight, make two landing platforms: one for each player
  • Dogfight levels should be reasonably fair to both players
  • Avoid extremely large open spaces; add some islands here and there