Gravity Force 20

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Gravity Force 20 is multiplayer retro 2D dogfighting game where you fight both your opponent and gravity. It is a remake of our Amiga game Gravity Force 2 celebrating 20 years since its final release. Made in the spirit of Thrust, it requires piloting skills to manoeuvre your ship by rotation and thrusters alone. Countering the force of gravity, diving through water and using different weapons on many levels to defeat your opponent.


  • Play online with others by signing up
  • Split screen both online and offline
  • All original levels available in online play
  • Weapons: shots, missiles, bombs & mines
  • Race mode
  • Global race records online
  • Tweets on new race record
  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • Create new levels

Future features

  • Custom levels
  • tvOS/AppleTV4 version


In the early 1990s, we were big fans of the Amiga game Gravity Force and started work on our own sequel in assembly language. In 1995 that sequel, Gravity Force 2, was selected second best Amiga game of all time. Much later, we were interviewed by Chris from Kaijupop about the making of Gravity Force 2 on its 20 year anniversary. We had started on a PC remake before (gf2k), but we never completed that effort with the tools at the time. We already had some plans to release the original levels as PNG files and then we discovered Unity! This rekindled our enthusiasm for game development and the first prototype was ready in a week. After more than a year of on and off development we are now ready to share our new old game.